REVIEW: John Fogerty: Wrote a Song for Everyone (2013)

I’m a little late posting this one (busy week), but here’s my review of the new Fogerty record, Wrote a Song for Everyone, via PopMatters.

“More than Dylan, or even Springsteen, Fogerty is the great populist songwriter of the rock era. Songs like “Fortunate Son” and “Who’ll Stop the Rain?” (just two of the more prominent examples, each featured here) set the standard for a certain kind of rock ‘n’ roll—socially engaged in subtle, metaphorical ways, and unrelentingly egalitarian in its appeal. When he fronted Creedence Clearwater Revival, Fogerty was spinning off masterpieces of that form at an impossible—and, as it turned out, unsustainable—rate.”

John Fogerty: Wrote a Song for Everyone (review) – PopMatters

Fair warning: the following music video’s a little on the corny side.  But John Fogerty can do whatever the hell he wants.  Did you ever write something as good as “Green River” ?  Didn’t think so.

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