REVIEW: Willie Nile: American Ride (2013)

Easily one of the best albums I’ve heard this year.  An excerpt from my review for PopMatters:

“Rock (with or without the roll – usually without) remains to this day a very white, very male, very middle class form, and like most pop music that doesn’t take the lion’s share of its audience from the pre-teen demo, it has its niche market (at present, white collegiates and post-collegiates). But that’s not breaking news – pop music has been fractured for decades. And for as long as this fracturing has been pop’s modus operandi, there have been self-styled revivalist rock ‘n’ rollers excavating the music’s past and iconography, searching for and extending the music’s secrets. Bruce Springsteen has made one hell of a career out of it, as have many others. With American Ride, Willie Nile joins their ranks and proves he can do it just as well as the best of them, sometimes better – Springsteen included.”

Willie Nile: American Ride (review) – PopMatters

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